To process the order please follow these following steps:

  1. Choose the item(s) you want and proceed to checkout
  2. Please continue with register or create an account. This account can be used again for your future log in/order
  3. Please write your note for shipment quote request, delivery etc.
  4. You will get an email about payment and bank account detail
  5. Please confirm payment you have made by sending us messages to our WA  with format PAID(space)ORDER ID(space)TOTAL AMOUNT.
  6. Your will be notified via e-mail once your order is completed

How to order Exclusive Design, custom and furniture with NO Prices stated in the catalog?

  1. All items with no prices stated in the catalogue are available upon request
  2. Please input your order manually and we will send you the manual quote via e-mail or via this
  3. Payment instruction will also be available in the quote at the same time with other requests, such as: delivery time and other term of contract necessary
  4. For more information regarding project requests, please email us directly